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Specialised Training


The Lizzie Wagner Group creates and delivers innovative training and consulting packages for personal and professional development of senior executives through to school students.

Courses and workshops include:

  • corporate grooming, deportment and presentation
  • first Impressions and professional branding
  • western business and social etiquette (phone, written, person-to-  person)
  • communication, networking skills and public speaking
  • motivation and self-confidence
  • life skills, human relations and self-esteem
  • personal and professional image development
  • customer service
  • indigenous self esteem and empowerment Initiatives
  • training for people with disabilities
  • school principals and aspiring principals leadership programs
  • hotels and clubs nationally and internationally

We also conduct regional touring programs for government organisations, schools, colleges, universities, hotel and hospitality institutions and corporate clients.

Our programs are included in many schools across Australia, attracting more than 5000 students each year.

Lizzie Wagner Publishing also writes procedure manuals, first Impression and customer service training manuals, unique and individual for clients on request.

We have developed comprehensive training programs for our First Australians. Indigenous Self Esteem initiatives have been presented in partnership with Fred Hollows Foundation, Indigenous Community Centre and currently with The Smith Family in Northern Territory and Barnardos in NSW.


Why choose Lizzie Wagner training? We care about the whole person – more than just face value.

We also have:

  • a track record (we’ve been around 27 years)
  • a reputation for excellence (see our testimonials)
  • professional, ethical, discreet and reliable staff
  • innovation
  • the human touch and follow-up with clients
  • director Lizzie Wagner's expert status as an industry and media personality

The Lizzie Wagner Group offers much more than just a modelling school or event management company – we’re an international training and consulting business helping corporations and individuals look, feel and be the best they can.

More than just face value

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  “Lizzie Wagner has worked with The Public Affairs Recruitment Company to provide advanced etiquette and appearance training for senior executives. Lizzie manages to broach sometimes sensitive matters with poise and perception.  Her training was exemplary and the feedback from her social etiquette, dress code and social interaction lessons was extremely positive. We highly value Lizzie’s work ethic and professionalism.” – Simon Tatz, Course Manager The Public Affairs Recruitment Company